FoneFill Restaurant Multiple-Phone Chargers

The phone charger is dead. Long live the phone charger!

The smartphone is here to stay. With our iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberries, and everything in between, we remain connected to our worlds. At least that’s the idea until we encounter the dreaded 5%.

5%. It sounds friendly enough. You’d rejoice, if it were an APR, a tax rate, or anything fat related on a food label. Finding it on your phone? Not so welcome! Just as many of us decide to return home for a forgotten phone, many of us must make a similar decision when we’re out on the town, and Mr/Mrs 5% shows up.

We created the FoneFill Restaurant and Hospitality Charger to enable consumers to continue with the day and night of his or her life, without missing a moment. Without carrying a charger or battery pack. Whether it’s a conference, power lunch, happy hour,  dinner, nightclub, or breakfast at 2am, consumers will have the choice of working, partying, and dining in public with their phones on.

Charge on, my friends.

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