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Paying it forward – Rady Children’s Hospital Mobile Device Chargers

Everyday, the children of San Diego County are rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital for emergency treatment. A truly frightening time for all involved. These times can be further complicated by a low or dead mobile device battery. Being aware of Rady Children’s Hospital as great institution, serving 192,000 children last year, we wanted to give something back.

Rady Children’s Hospital Senior Vice President, Stephen Jennings says, “These chargers will be of great aid to families who may spend extended time in the Emergency Department waiting area”

We are very proud to have donated FoneFill chargers to the emergency room of Rady Children’s Hospital. Our mobile device chargers support all mobile devices, including Apple iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S5, and help friends and family remain connected during a medical emergency.

FoneFill Phone Charger in Rady Children's Hospital

FoneFill in the cancer ward of Rady Children’s Hospital

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