FoneFill Restaurant Multiple-Phone Chargers

Happy Customers Available Here?



“ATM available”, “Lottery tickets sold here”, “Wi-Fi inside”.

We’ve all seen these signs advertising customer conveniences that can be found inside a business. Those extra perks encourage potential customers to “come on in”, “stay a little longer”, and even better, to “come on back” and they lead to increased customer satisfaction. For your business, that translates into more profits.

While it is great to offer free Wi-Fi what do your customers need to be able to use that Wi-Fi? Power! Without power, your clients can’t conduct business, reach babysitters to calm worried parents minds, or take photos that will be shared with others and ultimately help promote YOUR business. FoneFill phone chargers enable you to easily, and securely offer phone charging on any table or bar.

According to research studies, 91% of adult Americans carry cell phones. When those phones are low on power you don’t want those people choosing to go home, or spending time that they could have been spending in your establishment sitting in the car waiting for their mobile device to charge . By providing and advertising extra amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, and FoneFill phone charging, you provide people more reasons to step through your door and become paying customers. How much are new and repeat customers worth to your business? 

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